Get the phone you want with the IT&E Trade In Program

Your phone gave you years of enjoyment, now it can give you another gift – a new phone through IT&E’s Trade In Program!

As long as they are in a reasonable condition that meets IT&E’s guidelines, you can trade in select devices for credits toward a new phone. The phone model and condition determine the value of the trade in credits.

Trading in your phone has a lot of benefits!

Save money

You can receive up to $675 in credits to go toward a new phone with the IT&E Trade In Program! You invested a fair amount when you first purchased your phone, and when you trade in your phone, you’ll get that investment back. Usually if you want your money back, you will have to sell your old phone. Trading in alleviates the stress of selling your old phone.

Though you can only use that credit for a new phone at IT&E, the money you save from having to purchase a new phone can be used to treat yourself.

Upgrade faster

Almost every year, phones get faster, take better quality photos and videos, and are equipped with new features for durability, design, and usability. The IT&E Trade In Program is a great way to get your hands on the latest model without having to pay out of pocket.

The latest phone provides a seamless experience for everything we use our phones for – from capturing memories to staying connected to loved ones, school and work.  In addition, the latest phones are more compatible with the latest security software to keep personal information safe.

Help the environment

You can do your part to reduce electronic waste. The parts from devices that are traded in will be sent off-island to be recycled.  End-of-life plastics and glass are melted down for reuse in manufacturing new products and precious metals are harvested for reuse. Any devices that are still in good workable condition will be refurbished and sent to regions that still have use for them.

You can rest easy knowing that years and decades from now the battery and plastic or metal components of your device won’t end up in a landfill.


Find out if your phone is eligible for a trade in

DISCLAIMER: Final diagnosis will be based on actual inspection done in an IT&E store by an IT&E Customer Service Representative.

What is your current phone?

ex. Apple iPhone XR, Samsung Galaxy S20, Blackberry Key2, Google Pixel 4XL, LG Q60

Is your phone able to power on and off?

Is the display screen functional enough to allow navigation? Is the display screen intact and not missing any parts?

Does your phone have signs of liquid damage, screen burn-in?

Is your phone in its original housing or body? Is the body intact, not bent and not missing any parts?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Trade-in Program?

Starting May 12, 2021 , you can now trade in your eligible handset for a credit towards a new handset!

Find out if your phone model is eligible by chatting with a Customer Service Representative online, calling our customer service line or filling out the questionnaire above.

Bring your handset to an IT&E store to be appraised by a Customer Service Representative. The amount of credit you will receive for your handset will be based on IT&E’s Device Condition Grading.

How does it work?
  • Customers must bring in their handset to an IT&E store to be appraised.
  • The amount of credit a customer will receive for their handset will be based on IT&E’s Device Condition Grading and Pricing.
  • A minimum of 12-month contract term is required on any postpaid plan to avail of the Trade  In program.
    • Existing customers who are not yet eligible for a renewal will not be able to avail of the Trade  In program.
  • The trade in value must be used to purchase a new phone with a contract term. The trade in value is not transferrable or convertible to cash or credits towards their accounts.
  • Remaining credits after customers have signed up to a Postpaid plan with a new phone can be used to purchase accessories.
  • All trades are final. The phone cannot be returned to the customer once it has been traded in.
  • Only the phone, its battery and battery cover are needed to do a trade in. Phone accessories, charger or its box are not needed.
What phones are eligible for trade in?

Fill out the questionnaire above, chat with our Customer Service Representative online,  or call CNMI: (670) 682-4483 | GUAM: (671) 922-4483

What are the acceptable conditions of a phone?

  A phone must pass the following conditions to be accepted for Trade  In:

  • Phone must be able to power on and off.
  • Display screen must be intact and functional enough to allow navigation, but not missing any parts. Minor issues, including heavy scratches or cracks on the screen are acceptable.
  • No signs of liquid damage or screen burn-in.
  • Housing must be intact, with the body not bent and with no missing parts. Must be original housing or body with no screen protectors or accessories on its body. Heavy scratches or dents on the housing are acceptable.
  • Phone must be unlocked and on factory reset, with no security password.

Phones with bad battery and issues on with the speaker, mic, camera or flash are acceptable.

What are the requirements to avail of this offer?
  • • Available for New Activations, Renewals or Existing accounts that want to add a line
  • • New device must be on a 12-or 24-month contract with any Postpaid plan except BYP
  • • Available in Guam and CNMI
  • • Residential only
  • • This offer is valid on top of Special Group Discounts (Military, First Responder, Student,Teacher discounts or Affiliate)
  • • Phone must be in the eligible trade in list
  • • Must pass the pre-determined standard on functionality and physical condition
Can I receive cash for the trade in?

The trade in value must be used to purchase a new phone with a contract term. The trade in value is not transferrable or convertible to cash or credits towards your account.

Any remaining credits after signing up for a Postpaid plan with a new phone can be used to purchase accessories.

Do I have to be an IT&E subscriber to trade in my device?

As long as your device is unlocked by your carrier, you can participate in the IT&E Trade in program! The new phone must be on a 12- or 24-month contract on any IT&E Postpaid Plan, except BYP. Read our blog on how to bring your number to IT&E from another carrier.

If you are an existing IT&E subscriber, you can trade in your device if you are already eligible to renew or if you want to sign-up with another contract.


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