Hafa Adai Visitor's Sim Kit

Hafa Adai SIM Kit

Stay connected during your visit. Enjoy unlimited 4G LTE Data, and unlimited local calls and texts plus free long distance.
What are Hafa Adai SIM Kits?
Hafa Adai SIM Kits are perfect for Guam and CNMI visitors! They include a SIM card that comes with unlimited local talk, text and 4G LTE data. They also come with $10 of long distance load to make calls to anywhere in the world. There are four (4) day kits and seven (7) day kits available for sale.
Where can I purchase Hafa Adai SIM Kits?
Hafa Adai Kits can be purchased at the IT&E Stores in the Micronesia Mall, Guam Premiere Outlets and Andersen Airforce Exchange Services (AAFES). They can also be purchased at any Shell or 76 gas stations.


Bon Voyage Stores located at Hilton Guam Resort & Spa, Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort, Westin Resort Guam, Reef & Olive Spa Resort and Onward Beach Resort


Pacific Gift Shop, Pacific Islands Club, ABC Store, I Shop Fiesta, I Shop Kanoa, I Shop Paseo, Aqua Resort Club, Mango Resort, Marianas Resort, San Jose Supermarket, Twins Supermarket, Joeten Supermarket, 99cent Discount, Sun Palace Hotel, Hafa Adai Tour Mall and I Love Saipan

Can I continue to use the SIM from my Hafa Adai SIM Kit after the 4 or 7 days?
No. A Hafa Adai SIM Kit SIM will only remain activated for the set amount of days of the plan. The SIM will automatically deactivate and cannot be used after the plan expires.
How do I activate my Hafa Adai SIM Kit?
You can refer to the Hafa Adai SIM Kit Quick Tips that is included in every package. The Quick Tips explain the easy steps to activate your plan and get started.