Load Share

Share Prepaid Load with a simple text with your Load Share Prepaid or Postpaid account. You can send prepaid load to other Load Share Prepaid subscribers.

Text to 2931 with the message containing SHARE the US Dollar Amount, the area code+the prepaid number you wish to send to.

Sample for sending $5
SHARE 5 6707881234

What is Load Share?

Load Share (Load sharing) enables IT&E Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers to send airtime credit to other IT&E Prepaid users in Guam and CNMI.

How do I share load?

Simply send a text message to 2931 with the word SHARE, the U.S. dollar amount and area code+prepaid number you wish to send it to. Sample message: SHARE 5 6707881234

Important Note:
All load shares are final. Please double check the phone number and amount you want to share before sending.

How much can I send?

Local sharing can avail of $1, $5, $10,$15, & $20 denominations.