Energizer Smart Door/Window Sensor

The EDW4-1001-WHT Smart Door/Window Sensor from Energizer enables you to receive instant alerts when a door, window, or cabinet is opened or closed. In addition, you’ll be able to automate compatible Energizer Connect devices, such as lights, to power on as you open doors, windows, or cabinets. Remote access to monitor activity from anywhere is possible with the Energizer Connect app for iOS and Android.

This sensor requires two AAA batteries for operation (available separately). The batteries deliver up to four months of battery life.

  • • Alerts you whenever a door, window, or cabinet is opened or closed
  • • Includes a sensor body and magnet
  • • Receive push notifications when motion is detected
  • • Energizer Connect app for iOS and Android
  • • Capable of activating other Energizer Connect devices when sensor is triggered such as automating your lights to turn on when a door or window is open
  • • Minimum energy consumption via two AAA batteries (available separately)
  • • Reset, latch, and tamper buttons

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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