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Load up on MORE Prepaid at 76/Circle K

Make and share memories this summer with UNLIMITED Prepaid services and BONUS load when you make select Prepaid purchases at 76/Circle K.

Connect with loved ones to make plans, then capture and share your best pics and videos.  

Unleash UNLIMITED Prepaid Data, Talk, & Text with the BLU S91

The BLU S91 is a perfect choice for its elegant design, affordability, and features that will elevate your digital life. And with FREE Unlimited Prepaid services for 8 days when you purchase the BLU S91 at any 76/Circle K location, you can use this great device to its full potential.

Enjoy your favorite video and photo content on a 6.5-inch HD+ Infinity Display designed to show you every detail. Capture special moments with a 13 MP main camera and 13 MP selfie camera with built-in AI functions and night mode for quality photos. Plus, take more creative photos with macro or wide-angle cameras.

In addition to these great features, the BLU S91 is designed to protect your privacy and is equipped with face recognition and fingerprint sensor.

It’s a great phone at a great price! Grab your BLU S91 by June 30, 2023 to get this deal on UNLIMITED Prepaid service.

Data, Talk & Text for
8 DAYS with purchase


Treat yourself with BONUS LOAD

The great thing about Prepaid is that it gives you the flexibility you need to pay as you go. And from now until June 30, 2023, you’ll get more value for your money with bonus load when you purchase and activate Prepaid cards from 76/Circle K.

Enjoy $2 of FREE load with a $20 Prepaid Card or $1 of FREE load with a $10 Prepaid Card. With bonus load, you can splurge on a Daily Plan and enjoy Unlimited Data, talk, text, or calls to the U.S.

This promo is available with any Prepaid device, as long as the card is purchased at the indicated location and activated before or by June 30, 2023. Long distance cards are not eligible for FREE bonus load.


What are the requirements to get bonus load? How will the customer receive?

Customers must purchase & load $10/$20 prepaid cards during promo period to receive bonus load. Bonus load will be automatically rewarded.

Can a customer purchase any handset to avail of unit promo?

No, customer must purchase BLU S91 and activate sim included to receive 8 DAYS OF FREE SUPER UNLIMITED SERVICE.

Can a customer receive bonus load or free unlimited service if SIM/load is activated after promo period?

No, SIM/load must be activated during promo period to receive bonus load and free service day.