Connect quickly

Focus on your customers’ experience and let us take care of your WiFi. With IT&E’s Managed WiFi solutions, you’ll be able to
engage guests and empower employees. A complete, end-to-end WiFi service frees you from the burden and cost of setting up and
managing a wireless network, so you can focus on key priories and improve customer loyalty and employee productivity.


Seamless connections throughout your property

Enhance your guests’ stay by keeping them connected to all the things that mater. You’ll be able to offer your guests great WiFi
access in their rooms and all throughout your property. Managed WiFi offers the best bandwidth and the most robust and secure
Wi-Fi connection.

Services include:

• Fully upgraded infrastructure designed for IP services such as IP Phones, IPTV to the rooms, and smart rooms
• Dynamic guest WiFi Captive portal and analytics
• Managed WiFi throughout the hotel property, like corporate, guest and public facilities
• Backup systems
• Fully managed 24/7 monitoring and support service
• Property Management System integration


Enhance your customer experience

Elevate your customers’ visit and give your associates the tools they need to offer a seamless customer experience. From Guest WiFi
Access to line busting and inventory management, Managed WiFi services for retail businesses lowers operational costs and improves
customer experience.

Services include:

• Wireless access points, switches, and security appliances that are optimized for distributed retail locations
• PCI-compliant architecture that provides centralized visibility and control, while also supporting mPOS and guest WiFi on the
same network
• Intuitive management that is easy to use and can be deployed in minutes without training or dedicated staff
• IT&E’s WiFi SaaS model that saves business the headache of managing and designing their own WiFi Network


Information where they need it most

Give your students the tools they need to reach their full potential with reliable WiFi all throughout your campus. Managed WiFi
service provides superior WiFi performance, reliability, and management at the best price.

Services include:

• 802.11n/ac wireless access points are optimized for high density classroom environments
• Ultra-reliable and easy to manage Layer 3 Ethernet access switches scale to schools of all sizes
• Education-centric security appliances provide content filtering and web caching